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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

New guidance on selling used electrical items

With more and more charities selling used electrical items, the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) has produced some guidelines which will feature in the new Edition of the Code of Practice.

The 4th Edition, due out sometime in November will bring upto date the COP which gives advice on checking electrical appliances for safety.

There is an extract from the IET below:


Second-hand equipment is now defined, and guidance on the requirements for persons passing on second-hand equipment for commercial gain is now covered. This will help to promote the re-use and recycling of equipment that would otherwise either be sold untested, possibly in an unsafe state, or scrapped, even though it was still fit for its intended purpose and safe for continued use.

The new guidance has particular relevance with the increasing popularity of Internet auction sites and the prevalence of second-hand shops beginning or looking to sell pre-used electrical equipment and appliances.

As soon as the 4th Edition is launched, this Blog will present a summary of the key points.

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